Samuel Davies


  • Name: Samuel Landon Davies
  • Birthdate: 18 May 1954
  • Nationality: English
  • Bloodline: Muggleborn
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Ravenclaw, Class of 1972
  • Occupation: Sportswriter, Daily Prophet
  • Alignment: Order of the Phoenix



Growing up as a Muggle and then being thrust into the world of Hogwarts and magic is enough to humble anyone for a bit, but it would seem that that feeling stuck as far as Sam is concerned. He may by now be a 20-something with a pureblooded wife, working for the biggest newspaper in wizarding England, but he has not yet lost his sense of wonderment at the world that he is now so much a part of. He's a bit like a child, still amazed by magic, more and moreso the more he sees of it and never understood those people that can find it within themselves to become disillusioned by it.

Having a twin sister has made Sam a rather attatchment-prone person by nature. When he finds someone or something he likes, he will grab onto it or them and hold them there, usually much more quickly and with much more fervor than a normal person. He is thus loyal and overprotective, devoted enough that the Sorting Hat had a good deal of trouble in deciding against putting him in Hufflepuff. (If the stereotypes are true, in fact he might have been an excellent Hufflepuff; he's sometimes called a bit of a hippie with his peaceful disposition and his healthy eating obsession).

But what landed Sam in Ravenclaw in the end was his constant status as a thinker. While Savannah was born a bit rash, a bit more outspoken, Sam thinks meticuously about every little thing before he says and does it. He makes up intricate designs in his head, silently, which is why most apart from his professors never really recognized the genius that he is. He enjoys anything and everything that he has to work through logically, making it a good thing that he is as patient as he is.




  • Elliot Christopher Davies - father
  • Patrick Vance - father, in-law
  • Melissa Sadie Davies nee Jenkins - mother
  • Denise Vance - mother, //in-law


Love Life

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  • Sam tries not to hate anyone enough to call them his enemy.



The first eleven years of Sam's life were lived as any normally as any Muggle child's. He was born under the name of Samuel Landon Davies, just minutes before his twin sister, Savannah Leanna Davies (yeah, their parents liked the SLD thing), showed her lovely face in the world. Despite the fact that as a young boy with a serious penchant for sports there were numerous times in his childhood that he sorely wished that he could have a brother, being Savannah's twin did give them an ultra-close connection, stronger than one that he would have with any brother that came after. And that was good, because Elliot and Melissa were not about to go on having any more babies.

Savannah's obvious lack of understanding for all things athletic didn't stop Sam from exploring the realms of baseball, football, lacrosse, tennis, curling, rugbyyou name itin his full extent. At the age of five he joined a local children's football team with hopes of someday becoming a star player… it was, however, not meant to be. Three years of playing and he was no better than he was when he began, and Sam got frustrated and decided to quit. Although he saw this as having his biggest dream in the world crushed, at the age of eight it wasn't as if he pined on it for long; Sam exceled at other things, specifically writing.

Having a novelist as a mother, Sam and Savannah were raised through writing, and Melissa Davies spent countless hours teaching her son and daughter everything that she knew about the art. English became one of his favorite subjects in primary school very quickly, and he rose above the class with great ease. Sam knew that he was the best in the class (and was told often enough by his teachers) and that put him on top of the world—for a short time.

Upon recieving their Hogwarts letters on the eve of their eleventh birthdays (it turned out that they also had a cousin that turned up with the magical ability), the twins were thrust out of the familiar world of plain old Kent, England and thrust into the very magical countryside of Scotland. At first, Sam truly didn't know what to think. He knew nothing about magic, or Hogwarts, or what a mudblood was and why he was being called such a thing, and he felt like a tiny speck in a huge school, swept away by a sea of students who were all much more powerful, much more knowledgable, much more experienced than he was. If it hadn't been for Savannah there with him, Sam would have quit after the first week and decided to never come back.


But he did get through things. He and his sister were sorted into Ravenclaw house together, he made friends with all of the boys in his dorm, and after the first lesson in which he took out his wand and cast his first spell-well, he was hooked. That summer he came home raving of Hogwarts and begging his parents to let him stay the summer at the homes of his wonderful new friends. He thirsted for more knowledge of magic, and dragged Savannah on a weekly basis to Diagon Alley to gather books on the subjects of Charms, Herbology, Transfiguration—he was especially fond of History, and learning how the Wizarding World came to be what it was when he stepped inside of it.

Sam left Hogwarts with exemplary marks, a shining record, and a legacy of prefectism, but entered the working world not really knowing what he wanted to do. Even though he was enamored in all things magic, he wasn't sure if he was ready to give up his roots for the rest of his life. Savannah was the one who finally gave him the idea—after she got an internship at Witch Weekly as a journalist, he realized that writing and magic were the perfect mix of both of the worlds he had grown up in. He procured a place on the staff of the Daily Prophet as a sportswriter (of course he hadn't forgotten his long-time obsession). He didn't think that he could possibly be any happier.

He would, however, be proven dead wrong in the years to come. Through his close friend Giada, one fateful afternoon Sam met the love of his life—her older sister, Allison Vance. And well, you can probably guess what happened after that, right? Months of romancing and infinite squabbles with her parents later, the two were married on a warm day in September of 1977. Nearly a year later, he was blessed twice over when Allison gave birth to their first son, Roger.


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