Sirius Black


  • Name: Sirius Procyon Mirzam Aschere Black
  • Birthdate: 30 March 1960
  • Nationality: English
  • Bloodline: Pureblood
  • Sexuality: Sirius.
  • House: Gryffindor (1971-78)
  • Occupation: World Traveler/King of Socks//Pub owner
  • Alignment: Order of the Phoenix


Sirius is extremely idealistic with a short temper. He fights hard for the things he believes in, especially lost causes. He’s mellowed out a bit this past year, he used to get into fights all the time, especially with Slytherins, including his brother. He plays pranks and jokes with his friends the Marauders, but always seems to ends up in detention. He tries to, but he can’t really lie to save his life and anyone who knows Sirius would laugh at his ‘innocent’ face. He’s good at keeping his more ‘vulnerable’ emotions close at hand.Sirius is also a dog animagus, and some of his traits as Padfoot spill over into his own personality, like needing to be acknowledged (especially by the other Marauders) and his fondness for squeaky toys and bouncy balls.

He is not a completely nice person. Sirius has his days where he can be just absolutely wretched to everyone, even James. It's what's gotten him into trouble, the 'big' trouble, like sending Snape into the Whomping Willow to meet uncertain doom with a werewolf. And torturing Snape for years at school. And bullying Peter around. He's quick to judge and slow to forgive, and even though he's grown up some this past year, he's still got a long way to go and a very bumpy path to follow.

Sirius is incredibly loyal to his friends, and even though he and his brother had a few years of a rough patch, they’re closer to being friends now, just this year. Sirius is also incredibly charismatic and quite the leader. He’s very popular because of it, and even has his own fan club, which used to enjoy the benefits of frequently. Some might call him mad, but Sirius knows he is perfectly sane. Well, he might be a little bent in the mind, because of his childhood, but he’s a good man. He’s often impulsive, which leads to things happening like the Whomping Willow incident and the purchasing of Jasmine, Sirius’ flying motorbike. He’s never been really good at expressing his ‘gooshy feelings’ like love, because of his lack of familiarity with it when he was a child.

He has always wanted to travel and see the world outside of Britain, but never wanted to do it alone. Sirius has been a lot of places this summer and has a hard time staying in one spot, but plans on going back to some places. He used to want to be an Auror, but got rejected because he was ‘unfit’. Sirius loves Quidditch and loves play. If he could spend every day watching, listening or talking about Quidditch, he would die a happy man. He also enjoys spending time as Padfoot, pranking, taking things apart, eating, snogging, making fun of Snape, teasing James and daring Peter. Sirius hates snakes, Witch Weekly, the colour green, Pumpkin Juice, Kippers, Old Wizarding style music, unwashed Quidditch kits and Peter’s shoes (boy do they smell!).

Sirius twirls his wand when he’s deep in thought and talks quickly and fast when he’s embarrassed or excited about something. Sirius also talks with his hands in exaggerated motions when telling stories. He loves being the center of attention. He will also start taking mechanical things apart, modify them and put them back together when he’s preoccupied. The majority of Sirius’ problems stem from his issues with abandonment. Since even before his break with his family Sirius has feared being left alone or pushed aside. After the ‘falling out’ with his mother, Sirius became almost frantic in making sure the Marauders were his family, and weren’t going to leave him. He occasionally wakes up from nightmares about being alone in a dark and dirty room, and is unable to sleep for the rest of the night.




  • Orion Black - father (1929-79)
  • Walburga Black - mother



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Significant Other

  • none


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Sirius comes from a very old and ‘dark’ family. He grew up in 12 Grimmauld place with his parents and brother. He was their golden child until he entered Hogwarts. Sirius had known he didn’t fit into his family since he was eight, when his mother told him that if he didn’t complete his pureblood lessons he’d be sent to Kreacher’s cupboard for a week. Regulus was always more diligent and dependent on his parents than Sirius. He was more independent and rebellious than his younger sibling, and he tried to get his parents attention back but it was futile. He was the first Black sorted into Gryffindor in as long as anyone could remember. It didn't hurt though that he was rooming with James Potter.

Life at school was grand for Sirius; spending his nights dreaming up pranks and his days executing him. When he wasn't serving detention or following along with James, Sirius was off wooing the girls and collecting his own fan club. School wasn't difficult for him, at least the academic side of things. Knowledge and magical skill came easy to him, but he did actually do some work to end up with the O.W.L. and N.E.W.T scores he had. His social life was not a detractor to most things, going through girlfriends like dog trainers go through newspaper. He's had two big relationships and has had to keep them both off the radar due to…social stigma. Sirius didn't ever think he could be monogamous, it was much easier to be that guy, the one you snogged before walking down the aisle, than being the guy waiting at the altar. They both ended pretty spectacularly bad and Sirius is trying not to get lost in the emotions of failure, but it's difficult since he knew both were his fault. If he'd made different decisions or acted differently… maybe he'd be truly happy like James and Lily.

He and his mother had a ‘falling out’ early in the summer before 6th year, and spent the rest of it at the Potters. He won’t speak of it to anyone, not even Andromeda, who is his favorite cousin. It stemmed mostly from Sirius' stubborn personality and his inability to coexist with authority, especially when that authority was wrong in their moral thoughts. Life at home was made only worse by his smart mouth and unruly nature and wont to rebel against all things that he saw 'holding him back'. Sirius cannot stand the pureblood elitist mentality of his family, although he still takes a small bit of pride in being a Black; even though he hates that the name gets him into everywhere for being idiotic.


He and his brother have been 'at odds' for the longest time, but until recently have been moving towards a much nicer 'coexistance'. Sirius even started renting out a new place in Dublin (Paddy's Palace) with a second bedroom, just for Regulus. After a falling out this past summer over being ‘too muggle’, Sirius and Regulus are now back to hating each other. His brother didn't return to school after the winter hols Sirius' 7th year and Sirius is absolutely terrified for him. Just because Regulus hates him, doesn't mean that Sirius does. It's always been a tumultuous relationship, stretched over family values versus personal loyalties and no matter how close he and James are, Regulus will always be his baby brother, no matter what either of them do in life, there's no denying that bond.

James Potter has always and will always be Sirius' best friend no matter who James decides to chain himself marry. Having James as a roommate made being sorted into Gryffindor immensely easier. Not that it wasn't difficult, because it was. His family despised him now, for being weak enough to be sorted with the mudbloods and muggleloving Dumbledore supporters. Even though their relationship was more take than give on Sirius' part, James helped him through a lot of the 'tough' stuff with his family and with the girls, even though he was insistent on marrying Lily Evans. When James was kidnapped with Frank in December of their 7th year, Sirius thought he would die; he feels so horribly guilty for not believing that James would make it back and he knows he did lose all hope. He'll never forgive himself for that and he's thrown himself into Order business, to keep that from stopping. He's traveling around the world on a walk about but he's also getting stuff done for the Order at the same time. Fiona Finnegan gave him a pub near his home in Dublin and when he returns from the wilds of Europe, that's where he'll spend his days working. He wanted to be an Auror, but with the marks on his records and being a Black didn't bode well for the ministry so he's focusing all of his energy into the Order.



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