Tabitha Diggory


  • Name: Tabitha Livana Diggory
  • Nee: Smethwyck
  • Birthdate: 20 April 1953
  • Nationality: English, Greek
  • Bloodline: Halfblood
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Ravenclaw, Class of 1971
  • Occupation: Housewife
  • Alignment: Order of the Phoenix



Tabitha is a very likable person, bith right from the get-go and after you've known her for a while. However, many people find themselves easily turned off to her because she's, to be blunt, much more of a child than she is an adult. She often has feelings of inadequacy because she recognizes that she cannot do a lot of the things that women her age (read: housewives like her) are able to do without a problem or second thought—doing the wash, cooking, even taking care of her son… it seems like she needs help with everything.

The fact that her husband is a deal older and more mature than her also adds to this fact and Tabitha's least favorite moments are when he gets annoyed with her because he has to take care of her like a child. Much like her son, you'll find her spending a deal of her time whining, crying, moping, and begging for things when she should be the one that's either getting what she wants for herself or getting over it. Because of this problem she has, her personal savior seems to be Molly Weasley, who has the patience of a saint needed to deal with Tabby for any extended period of time and the maternal know-how to guide her along the path of motherhood.

Her childishness isn't all bad, though, and it's actually the thing that makes Tabitha so likable in the first place. She's extremely fun-loving, laid back, and innocent and thus is the first person you would go to if you wanted to just have a good time.




  • Perry Smethwyck - father
  • Dagan Diggory - father, in-law
  • Mariana Smethwyck nee Kaligaris - mother
  • Karen Diggory - mother, //in-law


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Tabitha Livana Smethwyck was born the first child (and first girl) to Perry and Mariana Smethwyck on April 20th 1953 in Bristol, England. Because of the diversity of the two sides of her family, she grew up on a mix of both Muggle and wizarding traditions, which made her early life quite dynamic, as well as made her versatile when it came to both Muggle and Wizarding situations. Born early on in her parents' marriage, Tabitha spent the first seven years of her life alone, until her Mariana became pregnant with the child that would become her younger brother, Hippocrates Smethwyck (better known as Smeth—Captain Kirk for a time). Being the girl she was, Tabitha was instantly obsessed with the baby. Although she sorely wished that the infant Smeth were a girl and often got in trouble for dressing him up in her baby doll clothes, in time she came to accept her little brother as a brother and loved him for it.

Still, she always wished that she had a little sister to play with (the worms in her hair did eventually grow a bit old), and that wish was granted at the age of nine when Perry and Mariana had their third child, a little girl named Phoebe. Tabitha grew close to both Smeth and Phoebe, especially once Smeth grew out of his worm-in-the-hair phase and Phoebe started growing into her very girly phase. She only got to spent three years with the three of them together, however, as she received her Hogwarts letter at the age of eleven, just as expected.

She was quite sad to leave her siblings behind, but once she was all sorted (Ravenclaw!) and had gotten to know and make friends with her fellow housemates, the separation pains eased away a bit, although there were still many occasions on which she got homesick. But life would go on, she knew, and she didn't let any woes for her home life get in the way of doing her best at her courses. She was never good enough to join the Quidditch team like she had hoped, but she excelled at her courses, especially Astronomy, and became prefect in her fifth, sixth, and seventh years.

Upon receiving eight O.W.L.s in her fifth year, Tabitha decided that what she wanted most with her life was to grow up and become a famous astronomer and teach and write books. For a Ravenclaw it was a only relatively ambitious, but even if her head of house wasn't happy with her decision, she was. She spent hours upon hours of extra time up in the Astronomy tower with the professor, learning from her and gazing at the stars. During the spring of her seventh year, there were talks of taking on an apprenticeship under the professor, but things would not turn out exactly that way.

At the time, Tabitha had been dating a fellow student, a Hufflepuff boy. Although they had only been together for a few months, he wanted her to move to Cheshire with him, where he had found an apartment and a job. Being the whimsical and childishly reckless soul that she was, she thought that even such a crazy notion sounded like a good idea. Chasing her teenaged dream of running off with the love of her life, Tabitha abandoned her dream and went away with him, only to end back up in Bristol less than two months later due to a row over his infidelity that had ended the relationship.

Although her professor was still interested in taking her on as an apprentice, Tabitha was feeling a bit too lost in her own ways to accept. Instead, she took up residence again in her parents' home and took a job at the Leaky Cauldron as a waitress. During this time she dated a few other men, mostly her age, but all of them lacked a certain maturity that she found all too much like that of her previous flame and she just didn't feel secure with them. All ended within six months of beginning and Tabitha began to think that she was doomed in love until one brisk October day when a Ministry worker by the name of Amos Diggory came strolling into the pub.


He was a reasonable bit older than her-six years-and was living in London with a secure job and a small but comfortable flat which he was renting out alone. Tabitha instantly saw in Amos the sense of maturity and security that had been lacking in her previous boyfriends and he saw a somewhat rash and childlike but fun and genuine girl. The two of them clicked. It wasn't long before Tabitha was bringing Amos home to meet her parents and siblings.

The Smethwycks and Amos didn't hit it off right away. Perry was concerned that Amos was too old for his still-teenaged daughter while Mariana was concerned that this was going to turn into another short-lived heartbreaker of a relationship for her. But it seemed that both were eating their own words by the passing of a year, when Amos asked Perry his permission to marry Tabitha. Another year after that the two were married and had moved off to a small town by the name of Ottery St. Catchpole.

Tabitha's early life with Amos moved by them both quickly and for the first three years of their marriage they were blissfully alone and simply enjoying each other's company. But there were some problems to be come across with a husband that was a deal older than her—being in his early 30's by that time, her husband was becoming antsy to have a family. Tabitha was a bit unsure of wether or not she wanted a child yet-or was ready for one-but after a few months of persuasion, she finally gave in. They were successful in their efforts and in February of 1977, Tabitha found out that she was pregnant with a baby boy: Cedric Perry.


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