Tobias Gibbon


  • Name: Tobias Allard Gibbon
  • Birthdate: 22 September 1952
  • Nationality: English
  • Bloodline: Half-blood
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual (sort of)
  • House: Slytherin 1964-72
  • Occupation: Healer
  • Alignment: [[Death Eater]]



Tobias is very cynical and tactless. He’s generally a ‘nice guy’ to his friends and colleagues but he dislikes dealing with idiots and fools. Tobias hasn’t had too much in his life to be cynical about, he just finds it easier to keep people at arms length than to actually deal with anyone; the closer he gets to someone, the possibility of getting hurt grows. He’s incredibly intelligent and really good at thinking on his feet; his friends call him the master of b.s. because he’s so good at making up stuff and making it sound good. Tobias is courageous and enthusiastic about the things he cares about, but there are very few things that he cares about that don’t involve himself. He’s a little egocentric, but he’s okay with that. He can be hard on himself when it comes to not knowing something or understanding, and he has been very focused on his dream of being a healer, the best healer at that. He knows he's very good looking and doesn't mind using that to his advantage.

astrology: Virgo
(August 23 - Sepember 22)
The Vestal Virgin. Mutable, earth, yin - planetary ruler: Mercury. Keywords: "I ANALYZE"

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and governs the nervous system and the intestines. Positive traits include a keen intellect, attention to detail, imagination, politeness, disciplined work habits, realism, practicality, skepticism, organizational skill, curiosity, and modesty; negative traits are anal-retentiveness, anxiety, hesitation, an inability to see the forest past the trees, insecurity, and obsessiveness.

While these Slytherins might not be the most outgoing of their class, they are often among the most wise, and their canny observation and lightning-fast analysis of any given situation will take them far. Often behind that quiet mien hides the mind of a big dreamer, who had both the imagination to come up with a concept and the power to follow it through. These Slytherins are an interesting mix of politeness and politics, pragmatism and intuition. They make good alchemists, Ministry bureaucrats (well, somebody's got to do it), and academic advisors. They are often underestimated. This is most unwise.




  • Francis Gibbon - father
  • Jenavive Gibbon - mother



Love Life


Significant Other


  • Caleigh Brianne - 14 August 1975
  • Tobias Allard - 9 February 1980

Past Relationships


Best Friend





Tobias grew up in a middle-class townhouse with his parents and two, younger sisters. He was never really middle class though, always striving for something more. He couldn't settle for anything, but knew he wasn't going to get handed anything, so he's always been planning and maneuvering to get his way in things, whether it was out talking or out bartering for a better dessert or a better toy. Tobias was always close with Estella, only being four years apart from her. His family is really the only thing beyond healing that Tobias cares about. He's very protective of his sisters, and would do anything to protect them. Tobias appreciates his parents raising him, but holds a slight disdain for them for not doing more to provide more than middle-class for them.

He was sorted into Slytherin, after a slight debate on whether to put him into Ravenclaw instead. There was no doubting that Tobias was smart, but he wasn't in it for the knowledge itself. His ambition won out and he was sent to the serpent house with a smirk on his face. Tobias didn't care about house politics - he played by the games, of course, there was a strong sense of self preservation and he wasn't going to go get his arse kicked. He didn't care what house was best, really and he certainly didn't care about quidditch. To Tobias, it wasn't the love of knowledge that made him successful in the classroom, it was being knowledgeable. To know more than other people, to lord it over them, that was what Tobias loved.

He's definitely competitive, but careful not to bring it too much into the classroom. Tobias knew he was smart and did like being smarter than other people, but would only show off when people were acting stupid and he needed to put him in his place. He was prefect in fifth year and selected to be Head Boy in his seventh year. He relished the power and ordering people around - he wasn't a dictator or anything and didn't enforce rules against just Gryffindors or anything, he was a good leader, but Tobias loved the power. Tobias did very well in Potions and Charms, which helped him get to his goal - being a Healer at St. Mungo's. He had to take out lots of loans from Gringotts, but he couldn't afford the time lost to take off a year to get funding. It shouldn't have been a hard thing, saving money and paying back his loans, but with his new independence from Hogwarts and his need to have a better life, Tobias started gambling - he wasn't as great at predicting quidditch as he was fixing broken limbs or restoring appendages.


Some old school mates started dropping hints and the further and further Tobias got into the red, the more he listened to them. He's never been used for more than fixing up other Death Eaters after their return from battles or getting into stupid shit. He's been on-call for the past six years and has to show up whenever he's needed. With his growing medical talent, he's got a disproportionate amount of influence for a man of his background and blood purity. Spell Damage recovery is very useful for the Death Eaters, but Tobias is careful not to become useless, otherwise he's done for.

Tobias never really payed any attention to Estella's friends in school (unless they were of the male variety and paying too much attention to her) until Estella brought Mafalda over the summer before her sixth year. It wasn't that he hadn't known her at all, she just hadn't registered onto his radar yet. Until that summer and even then, Tobias resisted as much as possible. It wasn't right for a man of his stature and age to be into a sixteen year old Hufflepuff. He couldn't keep her out of his mind though, and before she got on the the train, Tobias surprised Mafalda in Diagon Alley and took her to dinner.

They kept their relationship quiet, not that it was difficult with Tobias' busy schedule and Mafalda being at Hogwarts. Tobias made sure he had every Hogsmeade weekend off, so he could spoil his sisters with chocolate and to meet up with Mafalda. He wrestled with himself, whether it was safe for her to continue to associate with him and if it was worth the risk for him to continue to love her like this, but he couldn't keep her off of his mind and by the time her sixth year was over, Tobias was unwilling to let her go. They didn't have the easiest relationship, it was difficult with his busy job and her being at school. They made the most of the Hogsmeade weekends and school breaks, and by the Easter of her seventh year, Tobias proposed in his own special way. [TBD]. Mafalda and Tobias were married that summer and by November, they were pregnant with Caleigh who was born on August 14th, 1975.

Being a father wasn't difficult, it was just weird. He loved Mafalda, but to have a little baby dependent completely on him and such a huge liability made him very wary of the tiny infant. There wasn't much he could do about it once she was there and he was attached. Being a brother-in-law was definitely more difficult for Tobias. It wasn't that Jake was a bad guy (or worse than Tobias), it was that he wanted Estella, and Tobias disliked any men who wanted to be with his sisters, but Estella was happy so Tobias wasn't going to do anything to mess it up for her. That summer, when Jacob was born, Tobias was excited to be an uncle, to have a boy in the family (which he was obviously drowning in oestrogen). That day, telling Estella, had been the worst experience ever. With all the things he'd seen at the hospital and with his extra-curricular work…it was all 'other people'. This was his sister's husband and even though he wasn't at fault - it was just a fucking accident, a stray spell - Tobias was consumed with guilt.

He was the healer of the family, the man who had to fix everything and suddenly, this wasn't something he could fix. This was irreversible and completely mad. Tobias realized this was why you couldn't have a family, why you had to move on and not have attachments like this. But Tobias had to be strong, he had to help Estella get through with this, however she'd let him. Which wasn't much, but Tobias did his best. It was difficult on him, so he could hardly imagine how it was for her. It made him wary of something happening to Mafalda and Caleigh, and Tobias started getting more distant, taking more hours at work, helping Estella out and generally trying to sort things out for himself - it didn't really help, it was just a quick fix, for him, on this problem.

Tobias didn't go looking for an affair, and certainly not with a bloke. He'd been avoiding going home, spending his time at a pub and reading up on new medical research and happened to get hit on. With two or three scotches under his belt, Tobias didn't see what a snog would do, and it just…turned into more. It wasn't because he didn't love Mafalda or Caleigh, it was a stupid mistake and he kept making it, until Mafalda got sick and then Tobias, wracked with extreme guilt, confessed his affair to Estella. This wasn't supposed to happen to him! This virus, of Death Eater origin, wasn't supposed to go to Death Eater families, but here it was, Mafalda was sick and Caleigh distressed and Tobias had been sleeping around on her. Mafalda got pregnant soon after coming out of the hospital and then things fell apart.

He's working very hard to get back into Mafalda's good graces and excited for this new baby, but right now he needs to get his sisters and wife to forgive him.


working on it!




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