Tristan Bardera

Personality & History

Tristan was accepted onto the Caerphilly team as a second-string Chaser not too long after he moved away from home (and boy, was he glad — couch-surfing was starting to feel like a permanent career choice). He spent a good portion of his first few years training to be good enough for a spot on the first-string team and eventually achieved the position, not too long before his sister Nick was signed by Puddlemere United. He has a powerful (and somewhat fanciful) romantic streak that leads him to wonder if his last name isn't some horrible conincidence: Bardera, you know? In all honesty he's a bloody awful poet and he knows that his sister (and his teammates) endlessly mock him for it, but you have to practice to get better … right? (There's just no hope for some people, Tristan.) Don't let his semi-ponce-like view on romance fool you, though - he's a quick bastard and he's not above swinging out a foot 'accidentally' for the cause of the game. He takes Quidditch just as seriously as his sister and strives to do his best with the game. After all, it's what keeps him sane and with a roof over his head. It's also notable that he's a passable cook but much prefers to go and mooch off his mother for food. Hey, he's only human.

He's closest with his sister, Nick. When the other brothers insisted on excluding Nick from their family Quidditch games, it was Tristan that insisted she be allowed to play. He has a 'White Knight' complex that is reflected most strongly in his relationship with his sister: he feels as if he should be the one to protect her no matter the situation (and as a result he often has troubles with her boyfriends) and has a tendency to become difficult when someone else attempts to step into the position of 'protector'. This complex extends to other people, however, if he can tell they are genuinely in trouble (although it's hard for him to read some people as well as he likes to think he can read his sister). He's genuinely proud of Nick's position on Puddlemere United even if it means they have to play against each other - he likes to think of it as friendly competition, anyway.


  • Name: Tristan Jason Bardera
  • Birthday: October 1, 1950
  • Blood Status: Halfblood
  • Height: 5' 11½" (1.82 m)
  • Patronus: Hawk




  • Benjamin Jonathan Bardera - Father
  • Sylvia Nicole Bardera nee Monroe - mother


  • Nicole Bardera - sister
  • Adam Benjamin Bardera - brother
  • Jonathan Tyler Bardera - brother


Love Life

Significant Other

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Past Relationships

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