Vivica Avery


  • Name: Vivica Jaqueline Sloan neé Avery
  • Birthdate: 27 July 1961
  • Nationality: English
  • Bloodline: Pureblood
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Slytherin (1972-79)
  • Occupation: Head Girl
  • Alignment: Neutral / Death Eater Ally



Vivica is charismatic and enthusiastic in all things, having a natural ability for leadership. When she tries at least, and she’s been trying a lot harder. She seems incredibly confident in herself and her abilities, but often it comes off as being a snob or a bitch, but really, she’s very self-conscious, especially when it comes to dealing with the matters of the heart or interpersonal relationships. Vivica often has a hard time standing up for herself, especially to her family, but recently has grown a backbone when it comes to the matters of marriage and family. It’s absolutely terrifying to stand up to what you once believed, but Vivica knows it’s right because there’s so much she’s got her heart set on and even though she understands that she won’t get to realize every dream, it’s still good to have those hopes.

She loves being the center of attention and is kind of a brat when it comes to material objects. She’s incredibly stubborn and steadfast in her beliefs, even when the true facts are presented, but Vivica is easily persuaded into believing untrue things if they come from a ‘valid’ source. Call it gullibility or naiveté, but Vivica’s starting to see that not everything is as black and white and right and mudbloodish as she once knew. She has quite a temper as well when roused, often resorting to physical violence (hexes, punching, etc) to get her point across, but if she’s truly mad at you, you don’t even exist any more. Which to her is a suitable punishment, even though the one that’s receiving the cold shoulder may appreciate it.




  • Rovenan Avery - father
  • Isabell Avery - mother



Love Life


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  • Bond Prescott - X.XX.1983

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Vivica grew up in the Avery Estate with her older brother Aland, in East Cowes on the Isle Wight. She was raised in the ‘pureblood fashion’ of tutors and house-elves being the main caregivers. Vivica’s parents were an arranged marriage consisting mostly of a business arrangement rather than any sort of love. Her childhood of unknown tutors and the bigotry spouted by Rovenan to his children, gave Vivica a warped sense of the world. To her there were only them (the elite, purebloods) and disgusting dirty mudbloods and that her one purpose in life was to get married and have lots of pureblooded sons. Instead of learning to think for herself, Vivica learned how to throw a proper party and which fabrics went with what when you were decorating a solar. She spent most of her life in a sheltered, disillusioned home and it has been to her detriment as she’s grown up at Hogwarts. Her mother’s influence over Vivica’s personality is still quite prevalent, especially in the way she deals with boys and significant others. She’s very brash and bossy but can be a manipulative minx when she needs to get what she wants.

Her first show of magic was to transfigure her brother’s owl into a rat; it had pecked her twice at the breakfast table for ignoring a letter from Aland at school, and instead of just shooing it away, her anger go the best of her and resulted in an amphibian jumping around a platter of kippers. She made fast friends with the ‘proper’ girls, like Narcissa Black and Laura Mulciber when she started at Hogwarts and for the first five years, she spent her time going to classes and waiting for the day she’d get to ‘fulfill’ her duty as a pureblooded wife. Aland joined the Death Eater ranks right out of Hogwarts at their father’s urging and although Vivica’s knowledge of this hasn’t been truly confirmed, she’s not stupid either. She used to think that supporting the Dark Lord was the only way, but after a run in with Bellatrix Lestrange the summer after fifth year and tortured as a punishment for one of Aland’s mistakes, Vivica isn’t so sure anymore. She still likes to act like mudbloods bother her, but is quickly finding out that other than their parents and their weird little quirks about muggle things, can you really tell if they’re muggle or wizard born? Of course she still believes that there’s a lot of tradition, like Hogwarts, that needs to be observed and that mudbloods don’t have that history or knowledge to fit into the real world.

Vivica was given the honour of being prefect in fifth year and tries not to abuse her power, but really, everyone else does it too. She’s actually sort of fair with taking points from other houses and really only uses them in outrageous manners to make a point; whether or not it seems valid to someone else is often the downfall in that plot, but it makes sense to her. Vivica has had a drastic change in heart and personality over the last year since her relationship with Regulus Black ended abruptly and without any reason; to her at least. He wasn’t her first boyfriend, but he was the one who’d always been bugging her and annoying her over the school years so when they finally got together, she thought it was fate and was already planning their life together. After the devastation of her unceremonious dumping at Regulus’ hand (especially after she’d given her virginity to him) sent her into a spiteful and depressive start of sixth year. Reality rocked her world when James Potter and Frank Longbottom were kidnapped. They were both purebloods and not particularly muggle friendly (except for James’ dabbling with the Evans girl) and it shocked Vivica to the core, because things like that weren’t supposed to happen to kids! Not to people her age!


The war was for adults, even Aland wasn’t supposed to be that involved with it. If you could call it a war. But as things got worse and worse, Vivica was forced to reevaluate her position. She hasn’t quite made up her mind, because she’s extremely loyal to her family and fiancé, but, who attacks kids? What kind of madman attacks innocent purebloods and Vivica has an inkling that there is a lot more behind this than anyone has quite discovered yet. Or at least, she hasn’t. Vivica’s change in view is hindered by her love for Amycus, which was a strange match, starting with a broken nose and some healing ‘lovin’’ in early January but continued as a hidden affair until Valentine’s. They went through a pregnancy scare; due to stress levels and a faulty batch of pregnancy testing potions and were forced to be engaged by Vivica’s family. She knows she’s in love with Amyus, but the thought of getting married at seventeen terrified her beyond reason, so when Amycus wanted to continue as planned even though there was no baby, Vivica had to put her foot down and stand up to her parents.

She loves Amycus without a doubt and knows that she will end up married to him someday and part of her loves that she has that security, but Vivica knows she’s settling for something that’s not really what she wants. She has big plans of working in the Minister’s office and straightening everything out, because Vivica thinks she can do things better than the stuffy old Wizengamot members are doing right now. Vivica is kind of stuck right now, about what to do and knows that going back to school for her last year, unmarried, is going to be for the best. She’s not quite sure what will happen this year and that, coupled with her changing view of the world, is absolutely terrifying, and not always in that good, excited way.


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working on it!


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