West Sumpter

Personality & History

West likes to think that he's a real 'man's man' (and people don't know how accurate that description is). He spends his days and his nights working out to keep his physique perfect, he eats pork rinds and watches Quidditch on television when he isn't playing it himself. He tries to put up a tough front for the sake of his fans and his reputation, but anyone who's ever gotten an autograph from him can attest to the fact that he's honestly quite nice, if a little … awkward and gruff. He tends to panic when something gets too emotional no matter who he's facing, whether it's his (ex)-girlfriend or his (current)-boyfriend. Don't get him wrong - he doesn't mind the 'touchy feely crap', but he's horrible at initiating it.

He isn't one to talk about his family. It isn't because he dislikes them or because he's ashamed of them - rather, it's because they're about as average as you can get. His mother spoils him to an unnatural extent, along with his brother Rick, and his father takes any opportunity to bring up his son's Quidditch career (but like West says: can you blame him?). He moved away from home almost as soon as he got out of school to pursue his career and was pleasantly surprised to find that the Tutshill Tornadoes were interested in picking him up. He's stayed with them since, through the seasons that weren't so great and the ones that make a career.


  • Name: West Vern Sumpter
  • Birthday: December 5, 1949
  • Blood Status: Halfblood
  • Height: 6' 3½" (1.92 M)
  • Patronus: Hog




  • Jim Morris Sumpter - Father
  • Elaine Ives Sumpter nee Brunn - mother


  • N/A


Love Life

Significant Other


  • N/A

Past Relationships

  • N/A


Best Friend

  • His own rippling muscles




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  • Player: Lettie
  • PB: Josh Duhamel
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